The Wunderplunder is a small circus that travels through the canton of Bern and the surrounding area with a blue-yellow tent and beautiful wooden wagons. At each new location, the team develops a unique circus show over the course of a weekwith around 60 participants. On Wednesday evenings, the Wunderplunder team slips out of their roles as animators and organizers and step into the spotlight themselves. In a unique atmosphere in the circus tent, the Wunderplunder team put on a theatrical spectacle for ages seven and up. For the 2022 season, Les Diptik led the creation and direction of the show « Vorhang Zu ! »

More information : Wunderplunder.ch


The circus is a dream factory, everything seems possible and wonderful... If you stick your nose through the canvas, you get that nostalgic sent... Popcorn and cotton candy, sawdust and sweat...

But what drives the pistons and gears of this motley machinery? The characters who feel at home here, in addition to putting themselves on display as tightrope walker, director, lion tamer, clown, popcorn seller or stagehand, also have a face that they withhold from the public. Love relationships, self-doubt, friendships and enmities, crises and moments of happiness. What happens under the Big Top when emotions can't stay in the backstage? Vorhang zu ! Es zieht.