Hang Up

Created in 2015 in collaboration with Marjolaine Minot, “Hang Up” was the firyt theatrical show by Les Diptik. It was performed over 150 times in Switzerland, France and Italy in French, German, and Italian versions.

Show for adults, children welcome
70 minutes, no intermission
in French, Italian, or German.

They are hanging in two overcoats, waiting. Garlic, tender and rebellious, and Dangle, pensive and unpredictable, are two souls awaiting their reincarnation in the so-called “Interstation”.
Unsure when the moment of rebirth will come, they are left only with each other and an eternity of time, time to explore their dreams and their fears, and scrutinize what it means to be human.
Hang Up, the first creation of the Fribourg-based company Les Diptik, is an introspective absurdist poem, an investigation into the purpose of being (or not), and comfortably falls somewhere between the worlds of Clown and Theater.

Created by Marjolaine Minot, Céline Rey, David Melendy
Performed by Céline Rey, David Melendy
Light design Antoine Zivelonghi
Sets Valentin Steinemann
Technical Direction Robin Dupuis
German Translation Joe Fenner, Alexander Iwanov
Italien Translation Augusta Balla, David Labanca