Clown Workshops

Céline Rey and David Melendy regulary teach clown workshops that explore the presence and state of the clown, the joy of play, the possibility of being stupid, and the beauty of simply being.
They teach actors, clowns, and non-artists of all levels in public and private courses.
You can find information about upcoming workshops on this website and on social media (facebook and instagram).

Les Diptik have taught for :

l’Accademia Dimitri
La Maison des Artistes à Givisiez
Classe Pré-professionnelle d’art dramatique du Conservatoire de Fribourg
École Supérieure de théâtre Jean-Pierre Guingané
Compagnie Sasa&Du
Beyond Compagnie et L’Ivraie Semblable
Voies Théâtrales de Cours de Miracle